How we design your website


The look and feel

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and will be viewed on a wide variety of devices (computer monitors of different sizes, ipads, mobile phones, and probably on televisions too).  It’s important to strike the right balance between design, functionality and usability.  We want the end user (ie the visitor to your site), to find your site easy to navigate, interesting to look at and a good representation of your company.

Rough layouts

We start by creating a rough layout for the site; getting the dimensions and positions correct for the different areas within the site.


Your company may already have branding colours in which case we will match this ongoing identity.  Of course, you may have no idea for the colours you want us to use on your website - that’s ok, we’ll come up with a suitable colour scheme that will create the right look and feel to compliment your company brand.


What do we need from you?

In order to create a suitable design for your website we will need the following items from you (or as many as you have available)


Your logo(s)

Please provide us with high resolution versions of your logo(s).  Ideally these should be in the form of RGB JPEG files at a minimum resolution of 1000 pixels wide.


Branding colours

If your organisation has specific branding colours please provide us with the relevant colour information.  This can be in the form of Pantone Codes (ie PMS1856), CMYK values (ie C70 M50 Y40 K30) or RGB Hex codes (ie #D3124F).  If you don't have these codes, don't worry, we can normally get them from your logo files or other material you send us.


Examples of other leaflets, brochures

It is useful for us to see examples of other material your organisation has produced.  From this we can establish your brand identity and provide a uniform look and feel across all media types.  If possible please send any examples of printed material as PDF files. 


Site map

This should be as comprehensive as you can make it.  Don't worry too much about getting every last detail perfect, but simply think about the general areas you will need in your site.   If you know the details for some of the pages it's good to include them, if not, simply give a rough indication of what will be on each page. You can have a look at an example site map here... example_site_map.doc


Images and photographs

If you have any other images and photographs you would like incorporated within your website design please send those to us.  These should be at the highest resolution you have available and be saved as JPEG files.  You should be able to email these, but if there are too many please send a CDR in the post instead.


Examples of other websites you like

If you've seen other websites that you like the look and feel of, please let us have links to those sites.  This is a great way for us to gain insight into the type of sites you like, and the result you're hoping to achieve. 



Further help

If you've got further questions please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Alternatively please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any enquiry you may have.

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